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A New Chapter for Malcolm X Foundation

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This month marks the beginning of a new and eventful chapter with the Malcolm X Foundation. We are excited to kick off Black Heritage Month with the announcement of our first full-time executive director! Excitedly we look forward to the future growth of this revolutionary work with the leadership and continued commitment from long-time board member JoAnna LeFlore-Ejike. Having stepped down from the board position as vice president during the fall of 2021, Ejike will begin as an employee beginning February 1st. Please read the article below to learn more about this decision and her background.


The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of JoAnna LeFlore-Ejike as its inaugural executive director. Recruited to take the position with enthusiasm, Ejike is a former board member who served as vice president since June 2019 and on the general board prior for an additional 6 years.

Board President, Leo Louis II says, "In the words of Fred Hampton, it’s time to get organized and I don't know anybody more organized than JoAnna! I'm excited to see her continue with the vision set forth by the organization's founder, Rowena Moore, back in 1971. She too is a strong woman who will have an impactful footprint on the organization.”

This upcoming year, Louis also adds “the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation will intentionally show tangible growth to the community, incorporating and supporting as many grassroots efforts that we can. And, as Sam Cook says, a change is gonna come. JoAnna’s been doing this work as a volunteer for over a decade and we’re excited to employ her in this capacity. So, we welcome this necessary change.”

Areas of focus for the executive director position include fundraising, daily operations and staff management. Ejike will report to the board of directors and attend necessary stakeholder committee meetings as needed. She will also explore new resources and relationships that align with propelling the organization's new mission, vision and values moving forward.

"It's truly a full circle moment for me to have the opportunity to lead in this role for the organization. I look forward to executing a number of objectives from our strategic planning process and also assisting the board in reaching quarterly goals during this important season of the organization's growth," Ejike says.

She is slated to start February 1st. Ejike obtained a Master’s Degree in Managerial Communication from Bellevue University and a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Black Studies from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Additionally, Ejike brings to the organization over 12 years of experience in the non-profit and cultural arts programming sector here in the Omaha area. She resides in North Omaha with her loving husband and newborn daughter.

For additional information or details about this transition of leadership please reach out via email to info [@]


About the Malcolm X Foundation:

MISSION: The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is focused on preserving the human rights legacy of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) while prioritizing self-reliance & determination through radical movement building.

VISION: We aim to educate with a focus on the African Diaspora and providing liberation through incubation of grassroots transformative programming. We envision an empowered community of self and family, thriving in equity; Leading as a creative common ground for Afro-American centered action-oriented activism and leadership development.

VALUES: Our core values are rooted in: civic engagement, direct action, economic empowerment, scholarship and service; and liberation of the human spirit.


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