May 19th is Malcolm X Day!

On this special day, here in Omaha, Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925. Since 1971, The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation was founded to honor his family and life while living in Omaha. As his own parents were pushed out of this state for educating Black Americans, we as an organization continue to push forward with intensity towards educating our international visitors on the true legacy of Malcolm X, later known as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz. As the evident national pandemic is still underway, our mission remains the same: to position ourselves as a resource for education, enlightenment, and empowerment through our programs both locally and nationally. Below are recaps of how we have navigated these efforts since the year began:


Our Shabazz Community Garden offers 32 garden beds to the community and educational workshops on how to maintain and grow food. We provide the tools and seeds for volunteers and families to learn organic gardening and offer all of these services FOR FREE. This is an important effort for us to maintain as the beds reside in a neighborhood that is designated a food desert in a predominantly African-American part of town (zip code 68111). As the weather allows, families are returning to their beds to begin a new season of growing and learning safely. Find more photos on our facebook page.


The Justice for Kids Initiative continues to be responsive to the educational needs of minority students and their parents/guardians. Amidst the closing of local school districts due to the pandemic, collaborations began immediately with the Nebraska Homeschool network to host its first virtual workshop on homeschooling. While it was offered on zoom for free, registrants were able to receive a packet beforehand and speak with experts on how to initiate homeschooling instead of crisis schooling.


The Mind & Soul Radio station continues to broadcast globally via the Tune In app, informing listeners and sharing news from nationally syndicated broadcasts. Recently, they have played a major role in the Omaha Douglas County COVID-19 Media Task Force informing the public about how to navigate the pandemic. Additionally, they continue to educate responsibly and inspire its listeners. You can learn more about their programs here or catch archived episodes via Soundcloud.

Photo Credit: Terrence Tryon | T. Tryon Photography (2019). Pictured above (L to R): Radio crew members, Director Paul B. Allen IV, Engineer Dalamar McTizic, Morning show host Michelle Troxclair, Morning show host Michael Scott and Engineer Mark McGaugh.

As the summer approaches, you can choose to continue to support our efforts by donating to the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation which will help continue all of the programs mentioned above. Most importantly, your contribution will help re-educate visitors on Malcolm X and what he truly stood for prior to his death.  Our 2020 motto is: Be known for the work. This is what Malcolm would have wanted. He would have wanted us to gain the necessary tools to empower ourselves, to lead the next generation and stand strong in the face of adversity which constantly surrounds us on a local, national and global scale. 

If you want to be a contributing donor, you can send a check to the Malcolm X Foundation or give online through our website. In honor of Malcolm X Day, consider giving in the following amounts:

  • $5 for the month of May in which Malcolm was born.

  • $19 to signify the day that he was born.

  • $25 to recognize his year of birth, 1925, right here in Omaha, Nebraska! 

  • $49 for the number of years we have served as an organization.

  • $71 for the year that this organization was founded to honor his legacy in 1971.

  • $95 for the year he would have turned if still alive.


We look forward to the continued support and eager to jump out of the pandemic with a cause much greater than ourselves: preparing the next generation for living a life of purpose and integrity like Malcolm did.

Sincerely, The Next generation 

Leo Louis II, National Board President  JoAnna LeFlore, National Vice President Shari Thompson, Treasurer Angel Martin, Secretary Adrian Keegan, Board Member Terri Crawford, Board Member

Photo Credit: Terrence Tryon | T. Tryon Photography (2019); Pictured above (L to R): A mix of radio crew members and Board of Directors - Michelle Troxclair, Michael Scott, Angel Martin, Shari Thompson, Leo Louis, JoAnna LeFlore, Mark McGaugh, Paul B. Allen IV, and Dalamar McTizic.

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