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Updated: Jan 1, 2020

History of the Organization

Rowena Moore

The Malcolm X Foundation was created in 1971 by Rowena Moore as a memorial for the birth site of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, most commonly known as Malcolm X in the heart of North Omaha at 3448 Evans Street. Established by Rowena Moore, the grounds serve the purpose of bringing residents together to remember the legacy of Malcolm X through educational programs, a community radio station, town hall forums and special events.

Organizational Overview

We were established to educate through the teachings of Malcolm X’s legacy on a local, national and international scale. We own 17 acres of land including the former home site of Malcolm X who was born here in Omaha, Ne. The organization is operated by an Advisory Board members and five volunteer committees.

Top 10 Moments at Malcolm X Memorial Foundation (1980-2018)

  • Formally recognized as a historical landmark by the State of Nebraska (1984)

  • Black August Festival (2006)

  • Official collaborators for the Nebraska Humanities Council

  • Speakers Bureau Established (2008)

  • Acquiring the former Jehovah’s Witness church as the main facility (Dec. 2010)

  • Grounds development to include the main pavilion and pathway between the facility and the gardens (2011)

  • Launch of 101.3 FM Radio Station (2016) – website here.

  • Kwanzaa Celebration honoring the strength of women in the North Omaha Community (2017) – View Photos here.

  • Sol Food & Music Festival (Summer 2018).

  • Shabazz Garden established (restablished in April 2018)

Social Media Pages:

Facebook – @MalcolmXFound

Twitter – @MalcolmXFound

Instagram – @MalcolmXMemorial

Advisory Board Roles

President: Leo Louis – Vice President: JoAnna LeFlore – Treasurer: Shari Thompson – Secretary: Angel Martin – Member: Adrian Keegan

Committee Volunteer Opportunities

  • Grounds & Facilities Maintenance

  • Malcolm X Birthday Festival

  • Shabazz Garden & Greenhouse

  • Justice for Kids Initiative


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