Bobby Seale:

The real Black panther

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020 

6 p.m. cst

Lecture given online via Zoom

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Who is Bobby Seale?

Bobby Seale is the original co-founder and national chairman of the Black Panther Party. He is one of a generation of young African American radicals who broke away from the usually nonviolent Civil Rights Movement to preach a doctrine of militant Black empowerment, helping found the Black Panthers in 1966. Born Robert George Seale on October 22, 1936, in Dallas, Texas, Seale attended Berkeley High School, and it was during this period that he started to become politically minded. Seale joined the U.S. Air Force in 1955, but was discharged in 1959. In September 1962, Seale met Huey Newton at a rally protesting the Kennedy Administration's blockade of Cuba. Kindred spirits, the pair quickly became friends, and that year marked the sprouting of Seale's political radicalism, which was deepened when Seale attended a speech given by Malcolm X.



During this special online lecture, hear directly from Bobby Seale as he shares about what started the original Black Panther Party and learn more about how we must navigate the future collectively. Following his speech, Seale will be available for a brief Q&A. This event is part of our annual fundraiser and is open to those who care about the advancement of Black People in America and beyond. We encourage ticket buyers to pay it forward and sponsor a set of tickets for students and those who are financially stricken to attend. For questions on more direct sponsorship opportunities email us at

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More About Bobby Seale:

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