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Mrs. Rowena Moore founded the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation in 1971 working alone, using her money to stage events commemorating his birth and death. She dreamed of constructing a major educational and cultural institution at his birth home in Omaha, Nebraska.


Her family owned 5 lots including the place of his birth home. By the early 80’s, supporters began planning for big things and in 1983 the Foundation was incorporated. A historical marker was placed in 1987. That same year, with the support of the Shabazz family and Omaha community members, Mrs. Moore purchased the surrounding 10 acres.

She is remembered for her may years of service to the North Omaha community.  Active on the political scene, her aspirations lead her to become the first Black woman to run for the Omaha CIty Council. 

Being moved and inspired by listening to many of Brother Malcolm’s speeches on the radio, Mrs. Moore became interested in starting an organization upon Malcolm’s return from his tip to Mecca.

We intend to honor this great African-American, this great Omahan, by constructing a memorial at 3448 Pinkney Street, the site of his birth home in Omaha, Nebraska. This land that belonged to the family of one of history’s most famous leaders, is now in the care of the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation.

Our founder envisioned a Malcolm X Birth-place International Center, tourist attraction and learning center, a park, museum, library and amphitheater.

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