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Black Heritage Month at MXMF (2024)

Updated: Feb 19

The Month of February always brings a season of curiosity and educational awareness for us at the Malcolm X Foundation. Not only do we give tours and off-site presentations, this is also our time to kick off the annual book drive and we hope you are encouraged to either read the Autobiography of Malcolm X on your own or share a copy with someone you know. Of course, we also give away free copies to the public when people receive a tour at our visitors center. Help us get more books into the right hands this year!

Additionally, this year we are also hosting a few new event partners and community collaborators to help bring a full calendar of activities not only at the Malcolm X Foundation but across the North Omaha. Please keep reading to see more of the events we have coming up!



If you live in Omaha and yet to visit we encourage you to schedule a tour with your family or special group. You can learn especially about the roots of Malcolm X and his humble beginnings. Additionally learn about the historical connection that his legacy has with the global movement for human rights!



We are so grateful to announce our financial supporters and donors from time to time. Please see the details of the awarded amounts below and the purposes:

Douglas County Visitor Improvement Fund for Exhibitions, Accessibility & Visitor Experience - $22,773 - 

North O Turnback tax, Malcolm X Birthday Celebration - $5,000 -

Weitz Family Foundation, General Operating - $50,000

Neb. Department of Economic Development

 - Hall of Fame Museum Grant - $20 Million (over the course of 3 years) -



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