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What's Going on at the Malcolm X Foundation?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

As we enter the second quarter of 2022, the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation begins a new chapter of rejuvenation and reflection on how far we've come as an organization. For the first 20 years of the organization's life, we were led by the fearless Rowena Moore as she campaigned citywide for a historical marker to be recognized in honor of Malcolm X. She also worked closely with Malcolm's eldest daughter Attalah Shabazz to fundraise to purchase the surrounding lots where his home once stood at 3448 Pinkney street. Shabazz went back to New York after meeting with Rowena and raised money thru the radio station in the late 90's to purchase the original 9 lot acres.

Today we maintain a 17-acre lot which Rowena envisioned to be an international education and entertainment epicenter right in the heart of North Omaha. Since the initial erection of this vision and the historical marker, this organization has had 5 board presidents and dozens of other dedicated volunteer board members. We stand on the shoulders of these hardworking griots and leaders. We are here because of the diligence of a hard working Black woman from South Omaha and we are proud of that.

Our founder Rowena Moore standing in front of the historical marker. (Photo credit: Rudy Smith, 1998)

Educational Tours

Visitors to the birthsite remind us consistently that our work matters. Frequently we get the honor of giving tours to those traveling in to Omaha who learn about the significance of Malcolm X and come to the historical marker to learn more. See below one of the recent tour groups with the Pakistan English Language Teachers who traveled by way of the University of Nebraska at Omaha to touch the ground where young Malcolm Little once stood.


Upcoming Events

Save the date for our annual Malcolm X Birthday Celebration! Historically, on or around May 19th since 1968, the city residents of Omaha collaborated to honor the legacy of Malcolm X. We are excited to continue that mission this year with a few special events running from Thursday, May 19 - Sunday, May 22, 2022. More details will come but for now you can expect:

  • Photo and rare image exhibition in partnership with The Durham Museum

  • Youth poetry night

  • Dance team presentations

  • Ongoing educational tours

  • A special cocktail hour with Karen Wells, the mother of Amir Locke

Be sure to check our website for event and ticket details!


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