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Let's Continue to Celebrate Black Heritage past February

At MXMF, We Encourage Collaboration & Learning Year-round

While February is still not over, we want to share upcoming events we are hosting along with the continued effort to raise funds for the annual book drive. In addition, we finally have news of how artists can submit an RFQ to design the bust of Malcolm X to be installed in 2024 at the State of Nebraska Capitol building. Lastly, keep scrolling toward the end of this letter to learn about our legislative actions regarding specific bills we plan to watch, get behind or oppose if necessary. As the Legislative session progresses, we will be sharing more of our organizational intentions around civic engagement, a key value and pillar of the work we do. All of the efforts we prioritize encourage not only awareness, but room for intentional action toward progress, so that all of us can be engaged year-round and not solely during Black Heritage Month.

Shabazz Center Watch Party - Feb. 21st - 6 p.m. CST -

Streaming live in community at the

Malcolm X Memorial Foundation


Help us get books into the Community!

The Book Drive is still live! Help us get more copies of The Autobiography of Malcolm X into the hands of students, visitors, those incarcerated and educators. Each copy is only $8 and you can easily

Or you can mail checks and new books to us directly at:

Malcolm X Memorial Foundation

3448 Evans Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68111


Apply for the RFQ to design the bust of Malcolm X! -

Deadline is March 23, 2023

We are excited to move forward in the process for a national call to artists to reply to the RFQ which presents the opportunity to create the bust design that will portray the likeness and stature of Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. Since this is supported by state

policy, its fiscal note allows for the budget of this sculpture to come directly from the State of Nebraska. However choosing the 3 artist finalists will be determined by a special committee of two select members from the original Hall of Fame commission (Jill and Aaron), the executive director of the Malcolm X Foundation, the Nebraska Arts Council, a representative from the Nebraska State Capitol building, and gratefully the participation from one of Malcolm's six daughters, Ilyasah Shabazz based in New York.

The application was recently published and the deadline to apply is March 23, 2023. Access to the RFQ announcement can be found here. Follow the button below to access the actual application.


Legislative Updates & Actions

This year over 800 bills were presented during the legislature's first two weeks in session. However, we understand that many issues will be paramount in our efforts to encourage action amongst the community and further improve quality of life for others. During these first few months, we have chosen a few bills in which we encourage others to not only watch, but send in public comments during public hearings or testify in person as needed. For now, please reference the following bills to help you gain awareness and get activated - Three of them have hearings scheduled in the next two weeks!

Legislative Bills:

LB20 - Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony - Hearing Scheduled for February 22, 2023. (Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee)

LB53 - Malcolm X Day statewide holiday - Hearing Scheduled for February 22, 2023. (Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee)

LB54 - Require the office of Legislative Research to prepare racial impact statements for legislative bills

LB531 - Economic Recovery Act, revise appropriations - Hearing scheduled for March 7, 2023. (Urban Affairs Committee) LB340 - Change provisions related to expelled students under the Student Discipline Act

LB632 - Prohibit the suspension of students in prekindergarten through second grade in a school in a city of the metropolitan class


Visit Us in Person!

Schedule your group visit to the Memorial Birth site and get an educational tour!


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