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Our 2023 Impact - A Year in Review

Last Fall we made history by successfully inducting Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little) into the Nebraska Hall of Fame! With the help of long-time community supporters; elected officials; volunteers; educators; activists and organizers, all who wrote letters or publicly testified in favor of this worthy recognition, we witnessed a unanimous vote in Lincoln, Nebraska for the first Black person to receive this worthy recognition!

This is a significant moment in history, cemented in a treasured corner of Nebraska's Capitol building with a bronze bust to signify brother Malcolm's undeniable national and international influence on civil and human rights abroad.

If you were a part of making history last year, whether you wrote letters or donated, we thank you! Furthermore, we are grateful for extended community support as we use this historic moment to catalyze our long-term educational outreach goals of teaching the legacy and the importance of communal leadership and cultural stewardship to the next generation! 

If we do not leverage this educational opportunity, we risk having another generation who is unaware of their ancestral contribution to human liberation and furthermore position ourselves without the tools to be able to empower the hearts and minds of our future leaders through positive social change. 

With that said, we endeavor to make this a priority at the Malcolm X Foundation! Every contribution you choose to make brings us closer to opening and sustaining our cultural education center, employing an education director and more tour guides; additionally, allowing us to have more space and resources to educate the community on this important work! These efforts would work alongside our current Shabazz Community Garden, Civic Engagement Advocacy and Continuing Education programs.

Last year we received 10,463 visitors to our historic grounds! In fact, we’ve successfully welcomed visitors annually since 2010 for private events, public engagements, annual festivals, tours and workshops in our small community centric visitors center. It's time for us to build our family up in a way that allows us to leverage this solid foundation with a passionate team rooted in greatness.

Please consider a year-end donation to the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation which prioritizes being a leader in cultural preservation and self-empowerment. Together we can achieve so much, including elevating a safe communal hub for thriving families and prioritizing equity in the process. I'm so excited to be a product of that same model as I was once a middle school student taking community workshops held by the Malcolm X Foundation long before we had our first building. If you need even more reasons to consider, please see the highlights under the "Gratitude and Wins" section below that we are so proud of!


  • Receiving an AmeriCorps SubAward Planning Grant which helped us execute a community needs survey; 4 focus groups and a logic model/theory of change for our Shabazz Community Garden

  • Awarding 6 community members during our 2023 Malcolm X Birthday Luncheon

  • Hiring a Policy Research Fellow to execute our Civic Engagement and Legislative Action Plan through the partnership with Nebraska Civic Engagement Table

  • Selecting a Nebraska artist to design the bronze bust of Malcolm X to be inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame by Spring 2024 (Congrats to Nathan Murray!)

  • Training 27 volunteers in the past 2 years to help us engage the public for special events and programs totaling 598 volunteer hours

  • Giving over 2 dozen private workshops and educational outreach booths from 2022-2023 to include area youth, international exchange college students, retirement groups, public health practitioners and educators (just to name a few!)

  • Giving away 1,700 copies of the Autobiography of Malcolm X during our tours and educational booths as a result of our annual book drive during Black Heritage Month. 

  • Hosted 34 free events to engage the community and celebrate our heritage in collaboration with other local nonprofits in the past 2 years.

Whether you have given in the past, visited our historic site or witnessed our efforts in the community, we are grateful for our ever growing, ever diligent and resilient family of supporters to the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation. 

Please follow the QR code below for digital donation options, including monthly subscriptions as low as $1 a day. You can also consider giving a one-time donation inspired by the dollar amounts listed below. Giving Amount Options: 

  • Sustaining Donor (monthly starting at $1 a day, each donor receives an MXMF commemoration pin).

  • $99 for the 99th birthday of Malcolm X in 2024 plus the Hall of Fame Induction!

  • $250 to purchase 25 copies of the Autobiography of Malcolm X

  • $500 to help keep one tour guide employed at 25 hours a week

  • $750 to help us hire a part-time garden coordinator at 25 hours a week

  • Higher donation options beginning at $1,000 listed on the Sustaining Donor page.

Finally, don't be a stranger the next time you're in the neighborhood as it is always nice to see a familiar face!

With Gratitude and Strength, 

JoAnna LeFlore-Ejike

Executive Director

Malcolm X Memorial Foundation 

We're excited for 2024! 


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